March 24, 2020


Today (3/23/2020), the Governor released an Executive Order detailing “Essential Services” for our state. Please see page 3 of the Essential Services link at construction. Note that it does seem to cover all construction, but the exact language used is “construction (including, but not limited to, construction, construction of long-term care facilities, public works construction, and housing construction); building management and maintenance; landscape management …”

Today (3/23/2020), the Arizona House of Representatives proceeded to discuss and vote on the remaining bipartisan budget bills to mirror the budget that the Senate passed at the end of last week. In addition to the bipartisan budget, the House discussed and voted on SB1694 unemployment compensation; coronavirus disease (which mirrors HB2911) which passed unanimously. This budget package along with SB1694 has been sent to the Governor for his final signature.

Both Chambers have announced that they will be recessed until April 13th, 2020 in response to COVID-19. We will continue to keep you updated with action being taken by the State to combat COVID-19.

Provided below is a list of the measures the Legislature has passed in response to the Coronavirus:

– SB1051 DHS; continuation: appropriates $55 million to DHS in an effort to help Arizona respond to the expenses associated with the state’s public health emergency response.

– HB2910 public school closures; coronavirus disease: an emergency measure relating to the statewide school closure announced on March 15, 2020 by the Governor and Superintendent of Public Instruction in response to COVID-19.

– SB1694 unemployment compensation; coronavirus disease: permits the Arizona Department of Economic Security to establish an alternative unemployment insurance benefit program for people impacted by COVID-19.

– SB1687 human services; budget reconciliation; 2020-2021: addresses the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families cash assistance time limitations, ensures the continuation of behavioral health services an permits DES and AHCCCS to temporarily adjust provider reimbursement rates to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

– SB1690 budget procedures; budget reconciliation; 2020-2021: establishes the Crisis and Safety Net Fund and appropriates $50 million from the general fund to the Fund to be used for:

* Housing assistance

* Monies for entities to provide services for homeless persons

* Economic assistance to small businesses with fewer than 50 employers, nonprofit organizations and health care providers

* Monies for food bank operations.


MARICOPA COUNTY RECORDER – NEW– Conducting business as usual

– Maricopa County is only accepting permits online or via drop-box located at 501 N. 44th Street, Suite 200.

– The Permit Counter is closed to walk-ins.

– Permits can be submitted digitally through theOnline Customer Portal.

– Inquiries can be directed and 602-506-8573.

– Building and drainage inspections will still be conducted as long as social distance requirements as defined by the Center for Disease Control can be met.

– Conducting business as usual


– Applicants must call or email in advance of visit the Planning & Zoning and Building divisions to get an appointment time.

– Planning & Zoning Division can be reached at (480) 474-5083 or with questions prior to coming into the office.  You may be required to leave a message when contacting by phone. Messages will be returned ASAP.

– Building Division can be reached at (480) 474-5156 or with questions prior to coming into the office. Many questions can be answered over the phone or online at

– Additional information about services and online resources can be found at

– Applying for building permits:

* Printing fees are temporarily suspended for permits submitted via email like solar, electrical, small residential, etc.

* The maximum file size is 10 megabytes. The 10 MB is the sum total of the sizes of the attachments, and 1000 kilobytes KB = 1 MB.

* All drawings/plans submitted must be in PDF format.

– Review times are approx. three weeks

– Inspections are currently being carried out as normal

– All over-the-counter plan review and permitting is suspended.

– Online plan submittal is available at

– Conference calls and video conferencing in lieu of in-person meetings.

– Planning staff will only be available on an appointment basis. Appointments must be made for picking up or dropping off plans/permits. Access will not be permitted without an appointment.

– Please call 623-349-6200 to make appointments and for all other requests for information email:

* for building and permitting questions

* for planning and entitlement questions

* for civil and engineering questions;

– All paper submittals will be quarantined for 48 hours prior to review distribution.

– In-person submittals by appointment only

* It’s strongly preferred that commercial, civil, and residential standard plans as well as all planning applications be submitted via USB rather than with paper copies.

* The number of USBs should equal the number of copies listed in application guidelines for review distribution.

– Mailed Submittals

* Applications such as solar and sign permits, discovery/due diligence meetings, planning consultation, pre-application conferences, single-lot design reviews, temporary signs, temporary use permits, and zoning verifications can also be submitted via mail to City of Buckeye, Attention: Development Services Department, 530 E Monroe Ave, Buckeye, AZ 85326 with USBs and payment.

– Emailed Submittals

* Pool, Fence and Gasline permits can be submitted via email to with payments taken over the phone.

– All on-site and off-site meetings will be changed from in person to telephone conference call, go-to or video conference.

– There are no current changes to the inspection process

– The City is working quickly to transition to electronic plan review

– Development Services plan reviews and other consultations are by appointment only by calling 480-782-3000.

– Plans may be dropped off at a self-service area in the lobby at 215 E. Buffalo Street.

– As usual, the City requests that applications be made electronically at

– General Development Services information can be found at

– Public records requests should be submitted via email to

– All submittals are required to be done electronically

– No interruption in plan review is anticipated.

– Inspections are continuing as normal.

– Planning Commission and Town Council meetings will be held as scheduled, but through electronic means.

– Additional information on Town services can be found at this link:

– Town facilities are closed through at least April 10 with most employees working remotely.

– City Hall is now restricted for public access.

– Appointments can be made by calling 623-930-2800 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. M-F

– All new plan submittals will be processed electronically.  Visit for instructions.

– Permitting questions can be directed to

– Permit updates can be accessed by:

* Calling 623-930-2800

* Emailing

– Hard copy plans that are approved or redlined will be available by appointment. Contact  623-930-3289 or 623-930-2800 to make an appointment for pickup.

– City Council meetings will be closed to the public during City Council Workshops and City Council Voting meetings. Instructions for remote public participation can be found at

– City offices are open and staff is on-site.

– Staff is allowing in-person submittals but encouraging electronic submittals.

– Review timelines are expected to be extended by an additional 3-5 business days, to a total of approx. 30 business days.

– Inspections are currently unchanged, with the exception of occupied structures and Tis as described below.

– The following building inspection requests need to be elevated to Eric Bee, Building Inspection Supervisor for evaluation, coordination, and assignment until further notice:

* Occupied structures – Goodyear will approach these as generally being postponed for homes and businesses (meaning inspections that require inspectors to walk into/through an occupied space). However, if the occupied structure needs an inspection to be approved in order to have safe occupancy (i.e. water, electric, gas) – Goodyear will perform those inspections. Outdoor inspections such as pools and patio covers are not impacted.

* Tis without separate construction entrances – Goodyear will be requiring that PPE be provided for the inspection staff.

– Contact Randy Westacott, Building Official, at or 623-980-0682

– Contact Eric Bee, Building Inspections Supervisor, or 623-236 -0779

– All Development Services business will be conducted online and via the telephone. This includes:

* All planning/land use related questions, applications, and case processing

* All building and civil plan review and permits (both applications, processing and permit issuance) including remote meetings with applicants and their design teams

* Building Inspections

– As usual, documents can be submitted through the

– All questions about the DIMES system, make payments, obtain permits or any other questions can be directed to 480-644-4273. The call center is open Monday-Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

– Permits that had previously been handled “over the counter” will be managed and issued by calling the 480-644-4273 number.

– If you need to pay for a permit by check, please place the check and invoice in the payment utility box on the north side of 55 N Center.

– Building inspections are being conducted within one business day.  Inspections are scheduled through the DIMES portal or by calling the 24-hour line at 480-644-2428.

– All public meetings, including Planning and Zoning Board, Board of Adjustment and Design Review Board will continue to meet on the regular schedule but will use a modified online format. Mesa is in the process of arranging to have the meetings livestreamed at and encouraging public comments to be submitted electronically. Visit and click on the “city hall” tab and “city council meetings” link for more details.

– All city buildings (including City Hall and Development and Community Services), facilities, and public counters closed but all development functions are continuing through electronic or telephonic means

– City Council and Planning and Zoning Meetings will be conducted online at

– All applicants are strongly encouraged to submit via

– Zoning and sign submittal inquiries should be directed to or to speak to a planning staff member, call (623)773-7200.

– Over-the-counter permits must be submitted via email to  Review times will be longer than current over the counter reviews, but shorter than a standard review.  * Please refer to the over-the-counter guidelines for allowable reviews at

– If electronic submittal is not possible, limited building access may be granted by appointment only by contacting (623) 773-7225, option 1.

– Inspection services are currently being conducted as normal. All inspections should continue to be scheduled online at

– Starting Monday, March 23, planning staff will only be available on an appointment basis.

– The City continues to strongly encourage digital submittals. Staff is utilizing alternative work hours to maintain employee and customer health.

– Digital submittals, requests for information, and access to web services can be conducted through

– Inquiries can be directed to and 602-534-5933

– Review timelines are expected to be extended.

– Inspections will be conducted as normal for now

– All development services staff is working from home but available by email and phone. Open business hours remain the same (Monday – Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.).

– Regular functions continue to be available through

– Building and Engineering Field Inspections are expected to continue without adjustment.

– Questions can be directed to:

* Development Services Administration: Brett Burningham at 480-358-3097, or Sarah Clark at 480-358-3020,

* Building Safety Division: Michael Williams at 480-358-3009,

* Planning Division: Erik Swanson at 480-358-3013,

* Engineering Division: Chris Dovel at 480-358-3067,

* Code Enforcement = Victor Martinez at 480-358-3307,

– Application check payments

* Online payments: Paid as usual online

* In-person payments: Can be placed in the Water Department payment drop box located at Town Hall. Place checks in an envelope and write “Building Safety” “Engineering” or “Planning” on the outside of the envelope.

– City offices are open and some staff is on-site – but the City is strongly discouraging in-person submittals.

– Development services is closed to in-person submittals

– Permitting and submittals for all planning review, engineering permits and construction permits will be conducted via email, through

– Review times are expected to be extended by 6 business days

– Questions can be directed to

– Community Development is limiting in person contact, including access to picking up existing paper plans.

– Submittals for any divisions including Planning, Historic Preservation, Signs, Code Enforcement, Plan Review, Private Development Engineering, etc. should be submitted electronically through the City’s online portal.

* Electronic submittals less than 15MB – main online portal

* Electronic submittals 15MB or more – email to request an LF file transfer email

* Bundle documents into one (1) pdf or bundle by discipline before uploading. The maximum file size allowed is less than 15MB).

– Inspections will be conducted remotely in as many cases as possible and in-person inspections, when available, will utilize additional safety precautions