In an effort to help all of our Members, Valley Partnership will update and add to this information as it becomes available from Federal, State, and Local resources for business during this critical time.  If you have any questions please reach out to Valley Partnership President & CEO, Cheryl Lombard at and she will try and direct you to the best of her abilities.

Municipal Planning/Community Development Department Status Report

May 6, 2020

TEMPE Extends Approvals/Permits

The City of Tempe has enacted procedures to obtain temporary extensions without fees.
– Additional 1-year extension (for a total of 3 years) to submit a complete building permit application from the date of Council approval for all Zoning Map Amendments and PADs
– 1-year extension to a variety of permits, including Development Plan Review, minor General Plan Amendments, Subdivision Plats, Use Permits, Variances, and Sign Review/Permits, and other administrative actions. Applicants must request the extension in writing and receive a notice of extension.
– 1-year extension from the date of expiration for all projects with construction documents in review for either a building permit or engineering permit and all Building Safety permitted plans
More information about these opportunities can be found here:

TEMPE Considers Administrative Approval to Defer Initiating Default on Development Agreements
– Through Dec. 31, 2020, Tempe will consider administrative approval to defer initiating default or cure provisions under a development agreement for excusable delay of defaults, breaches and anticipatory breaches of obligations that are a result of COVID-19. A written request to the Economic Development Director or Community Development Director is required for this.
More information regarding this opportunity can be found here, second page, last paragraph

TEMPE Development-Related Public Hearings, Citizen Participation:
– The requirement that applicants hold an in-person neighborhood meeting in person is suspended.
– Neighborhood meetings must still take place virtually using an online platform, teleconference or other alternative format that allows attendees to access all supporting materials and allows for a 15-day comment period. More information regarding this change can be found here, second page, second to last paragraph

MARICOPA COUNTY Extends Approvals
Maricopa County has temporarily enacted an automatic 120 extension (from April 22, 2020) of any condition of approval by the Board of Supervisor, Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustment, or Planning and Development Department at no cost to the property owner or applicant. The County will continue to revisit the stated timeframe as needed.