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Policy & Stimulus News 

Arizonans Still Seeking Input on Reopening Economy 

Arizona officials have received more than 250 comments from business leaders and others on how best and when to reopen the state’s economy, even as some restrictions have started to ease. Sandra Watson, president and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority, said state officials will continue to seek input as the longer-term outlook for reopening remains murky beyond the next two weeks or so. (Source: AZCentral) 

Economic News 

Property Managers Urged to Speak Up to Minimize Crisis Impacts 

In an opinion piece published by National Real Estate InvestorCheryl Gray, CPM, 2020 president of the Institute of Real Estate Management, said, “…the real estate industry as a major economic force must continue to make its voice heard at all levels — not solely in the U.S., but around the world. With that in mind, we urge property managers everywhere to become an active part of the advocacy initiatives IREM continues to mount on behalf of our profession. We urge you to support the issues that point toward the goals of protecting our tenants and residents during this time of crisis and ensuring the stability of our businesses. (Source: National Real Estate Investor) 

Land Lease Properties Performing Well in Crisis 

Manufactured housing properties are not only surviving the economic crisis created by the spread of the novel coronavirus. By some accounts, the sector is thriving compared to other types of real estate. (Source: National Real Estate Investor) 

What Will the Future of CRE Look Like? 

In a May 4th column, David Bodamer, offered speculation into what CRE’s post-COVID future may look like and invited readers to offer their own insights and observations. (Source: National Real Estate Investor) 

ASU Experts Predicting Quick Recovery 

Arizona State University economists are predicting a recession of three-to-nine months, followed by a swift recovery if consumer spending — bolstered by heavy federal stimulus — kicks in as they expect. (Source: AZCentral) 


Goodmans Produces ‘Your Smart Return to the Workplace’ Guide 

As we all contemplate the challenges of going back to the office, Goodmans Interior Structures has mobilized quickly with a tactical guide, providing a phased action plan for returning to the workplace and including resources, products, pricing and links to assist with decision making. (Source: Goodmans Interior Structures)