01/23/2020 – PHOENIX – Rinse n’ Ride Car Wash recently opened its fifth location in the Valley, kicking- off the mural painting for local artist, Oscar Ruiz, to paint a one-of-a kind inspirational mural at the new car wash location on Indian School Road and 28th Street. Rinse n’ Ride’s iconic wall was a concept that the owner, Luke Bathel, a native Phoenician, conceived as an opportunity to encourage the customers and commuters who travel to and from work passing by this large art wall on Indian School Road.

Locally known artist, Oscar Ruiz, was sourced specifically for his vibrant graphic-style art through the Phoenix Mural Project, to complement the car wash’s already trendy design. Four years ago, Oscar moved to the Phoenix Valley and began painting on large surfaces throughout the city. Oscar is excited to “… inspire other creative people to pursue their talents. It’s an absolute dream to be able to take my drawings outside of my home and into public spaces.” Oscar began painting the 50 by 15-foot wall mural

nd on Wednesday, January 22 .

According to Luke Bathel, “The car wash is designed around giving the customers the very best experience. From a smile when they enter the tunnel, to consistently friendly team members, to the choice of music and quality of their detergents; customers and their vehicles leave Rinse n’ Ride feeling refreshed.”

Local Scottsdale resident and Arizona’s first anchorwoman, Mary Jo West, passed the mural on her way home and reached out to Bathel to share these words of thanks, “I was so thrilled to see the wonderful painting that’s going up on the east wall, these two young men were painting really uplifting phrases. Thank you! I used to be an anchorwoman and reporter in this town… and I know the importance in this negative world of positive words.”

Bathel started the company in 2014, and strategically developed this fifth location in the Arcadia neighborhood to meet the demand of the area and deliver a personalized, memorable customer experience in an area he grew up in and still lives in.

“Our goal is to add value to the customers at our car wash. When customers arrive, they’ll be in a positive environment, from how we greet everyone while guiding the vehicles, listening to great quality music and the visual display of lights and soap inside the tunnel.” Bathel remarked. “Now, everyone will leave with some pieces of truth to encourage them through the day. Instead of promoting our own

business, I wanted to add value to our customers’ lives through encouraging statements and colorful design.”

This is just one approach that Rinse n’ Ride takes that is unique to the car wash industry. Bathel has also invested heavily in his team. This includes offering health insurance, free Teladoc services, providing professional chaplain support and generous paid time off.

Rinse n’ Ride Car Wash invited the community to participate in the mural artwork selection by submitting some of their desired phrases and encouraging words for consideration, and then giving them the opportunity to cast votes for their favorites. They were ultimately incorporated into the Pinterest-style design.

Photo Captions:

Oscar Ruiz and Luke Bathel collaborated to design a vibrant mural that is displayed for all to see.

About Rinse n’ Ride Car Wash:

Rinse n’ Ride is a locally owned and operated car wash business with multiple locations across the Valley. The company is owned by Luke Bathel and is dedicated to providing a unique customer experience and employment model. The company is heavily involved philanthropically within the community and goes out of their way to support their employees and their families.

About Oscar Ruiz:

Oscar Ruiz moved to the Phoenix Valley four years ago, from Texas, and began painting murals shortly after. He discovered the Phoenix Mural Project through the mural festival. Follow Oscar’s art journey on Instagram @omruiz_.

** Time lapse of artist executing the mural will be available upon completion of the project.